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James Wootton


There's so many trainers out there, how do you know if I'm the right one for you?

I've got over 6 years of personal training experience which I combine with my background in pharmaceuticals to give a very holistic, science based approach to getting results. It's not just about that one hour PT session. It's about ensuring nutrition, sleep, stress-management and health are all pointing the right way.

I appreciate that 90% of people have got real lives with obstacles and commitments. Some of my biggest transformations have been with clients who are busy Mums, CEO's, people who commute 2 hours a day and just your average joe. It's not always realistic to eat chicken and rice 5 times a day (or enjoyable!) My approach ensures you can reach your goal in a way where it'll become enjoyable and a part of your life, rather than a chore.

From a young age I have always been involved in fitness and competing in various sports, Including the GB youth American Football team. In my free time now I play cricket, love travelling, and expanding my health/fitness/nutrition knowledge with seminars, books and podcasts.

In 2016 competed on stage in a men's physique show and underwent a huge body transformation, purely to put myself in my clients' shoes. I've always lifted weights but I felt it was important to understand what it's like to have to change your daily habits and change your diet to create a physical transformation. It's given me huge empathy to understand how clients are feeling when they're working towards their goals.


My commitment to you

  • Everything I programme will be backed by science – no fad diets/Instagram novelty workouts

  • I will always stay in my line – I will always refer out for anything that I’m not qualified to advise on – e.g. certain injuries/eating disorders

  • Guarantee an open & honest two way line of communication. We're in this together and I'll always listen to feedback


CIMSPA  Level 3 Personal Training

CIMSPA Level 2 Fitness Instructing 

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

iMoveFreely Instructor 




Women's Health by Jake Carter & Koen Castelein - February 2019

Muscular Hypertrophy, Recovery & Gut Health by Revive Stronger with Mike Israetel, James Hoffman & Gabrielle Fundaro - May 2019 


Certified rehabilitation specialist Workshop by MoveWell Education with Chris Peil - January 2018 

Foundation of Exercise Mechanics by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - January 2018

The Gut Brain Connection with Phil Richards & Dr Nigel Plummer - January 2018

Training The Average Joe by M10 Education with Mark coles - March 2018

Body Transformations seminar by M10 Education with Mark Coles - March 2018

EMM-Tech Short Course (Easy Muscle Management) by Emmett Tech UK with Suzanne Arnold & Agnieszka Kubalica - March 2018

Exercise Design Lab by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - March 2018

Physique Camp Practical Day (Lower Body) by M10 Education with Mark Coles - May 2018

Physique Camp Practical Day (Upper Body) by M10 Education with Mark Coles - May 2018 

Optimising The Nervous System For Maximal Muscle Gain by The Muscle Mentors with Calum Raistrick and Luke Hoffman - September 2018

Anatomy Lab by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - October 2018

Functional Nutrition: Module 2 - Stress, Sleep & Neurotransmitters by Jake Carter - Nov 2018

Upper Body Hypertrophy & Physiological Prerequisites to Hypertrophy with Koen Castelein & Jake Carter - December 2018


Physique camp (Theory Day) - Body Transformations  by M10 Education with Mark Coles - March 2017 

FMT Movability by RockTape with Rob Crawley April 2017 

Mobility coach - movement screening workshop by MoveWell Education with Chris Peil - September 2017

MOVE IT Instructor by Escape Fitness October 2017

iMoveFreely instructor by Biomechanics education with Rachel France - November 2017


Professional development and business development by M10 Education with Mark Coles - August 2016​