Personal trainer - James Wootton

My passion has always been to create a personal training business, where results and a high quality of service are the number one priorities.The ultimate goal I have is to inspire others and help bring each individual client closer to living a stronger and healthier lifestyle. My focus is on working with dedicated individuals who are serious about reaching their goals. With my knowledge and experience, I will accompany you on your journey every step of the way by combining advanced techniques with traditional fitness training. That along with a bespoke nutritional plan, designed to fit around your daily routine. I have worked with a variety of clients of all ages and abilities, with a variety of goals ranging from weight loss, muscle development, maintaining and attaining better health and fitness. 

I am committed to helping every single one of my clients achieve their lifelong dream, of being in the best shape of their lives. I will do whatever I can to help them achieve it. With my continuous focus on professional development, I surround myself with some of the best trainers in the industry and attend a variety of courses, workshops and seminars to ensure I stay at the forefront of the industry. 

To many people, a personal trainer is just someone who simply “kicks their ass” a few times a week, to others it’s someone who just “helps them train a little harder each week”.  I hear of trainers out there who simply provide their clients with nothing but fancy workouts that promise to deliver the best results, At JW Elite Training we don't design generic programmes or a "one size fits all" approach. ​Instead we use proven methods that deliver high quality results and take each individual clients goals into account when designing training plans and nutrition plans. Whether that be for fat loss, strength training or simply nutrition and training advice. 

The one thing that I ask from everyone I work with, is that they commit themselves 100% to the programme. If they do, they will achieve results like they never knew was possible.


Level 3 - Diploma in Personal Training 

Level 3 - Nutrition

Level 3 - Weight Management

Level 3 - Sports Conditioning 


Professional development and business development by M10 Education with Mark Coles - August 2016​

Physique camp (Theory Day) - Body Transformations  by M10 Education with Mark Coles - March 2017 

FMT Movability by RockTape with Rob Crawley April 2017 

Mobility coach - movement screening workshop by MoveWell Education with Chris Peil - September 2017


MOVE IT Instructor by Escape Fitness October 2017


iMoveFreely instructor by Biomechanics education with Rachel France - November 2017


Certified rehabilitation specialist Workshop by MoveWell Education with Chris Peil - January 2018 


Foundation of Exercise Mechanics by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - January 2018


The Gut Brain Connection with Phil Richards & Dr Nigel Plummer - January 2018

Training The Average Joe by M10 Education with Mark coles - March 2018

Body Transformations seminar by M10 Education with Mark Coles - March 2018

EMM-Tech Short Course (Easy Muscle Management) by Emmett Tech UK with Suzanne Arnold & Agnieszka Kubalica - March 2018

Exercise Design Lab by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - March 2018

Physique Camp Practical Day (Lower Body) by M10 Education with Mark Coles - May 2018

Physique Camp Practical Day (Upper Body) by M10 Education with Mark Coles - May 2018 

Optimising The Nervous System For Maximal Muscle Gain by The Muscle Mentors with Calum Raistrick and Luke Hoffman - September 2018

Anatomy Lab by Integra Education with Michael Goulden - October 2018

Functional Nutrition: Module 2 - Stress, Sleep & Neurotransmitters by Jake Carter - Nov 2018

Upper Body Hypertrophy & Physiological Prerequisites to Hypertrophy with Koen Castelein & Jake Carter - December 2018

Women's Health by Jake Carter & Koen Castelein - February 2019

Muscular Hypertrophy, Recovery & Gut Health by Revive Stronger with Mike Israetel, James Hoffman & Gabrielle Fundaro - May 2019 

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