What if I told you that statistical evidence proves that hiring a Personal Trainer  DRASTICALLY IMPROVES your probability of success? Working out with a Personal Trainer makes a fitter, stronger and healthier YOU!  


Get the perfect start with 1-2-1 coaching. 1-2-1 coaching with JW Elite training isn’t just an hour in the gym. You’ll receive all the tools, support, and guidance to ensure you hit your goals.

Firstly, we will look at your current ability, your biomechanics, and your diet in a free consultation. ​After this, we’ll set some SMART goals to help keep you on track and motivated.

It’s important we take all this into consideration before starting on a plan to ensure we’re doing what’s right for you. No two bodies are the same and different types of training works differently for different people so we will find that winning formula.

By now, you will have the training, mobility, and nutrition plans tailored to you, and during our training sessions, we’ll run through hints, tips, and techniques for exercising.

To ensure we’re heading in the right direction, each week we’ll touch base with you with a handful of questions for you to answer. We love this method of tracking performance. How you feel tells more of a story than numbers on a screen. We will also look at your sleep, steps, and stress as your goals go beyond the walls of the gym.

Start your journey today with a FREE consultation.

What's included?

Personalised training plan

Nutrition plan

Online Tracking

Personalised mobility plan

Weekly reviews

Meal ideas & recipes