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The purpose of this book is to help you improve your nutritional choices and be able to make better decisions that align with your goals. One of the burdens of dieting is often the restrictive and inflexible environment it puts you into. Having the convenience of your favourite meals and still be able to hit your targets facilitates far more adherence and compliance, and this equates to results. 

Not only will this guide inform you of all the nutritional values of your favourite dishes but it will also help you in constructing a plan going forward. 

We live in a hectic and demanding society and good nutrition fuels our ability to be healthy, productive and physically efficient. We do however live in a time when, time is of the essence. Convenience food has come a long way, and we have access to an array of healthy and nutritionally sound options on our very doorsteps. Utilising this to our advantage can pay dividends with our ability to be time efficient and importantly, socially available.

We hope you find this book and the others in the collection, beneficial and practical in order to help meet your nutritional requirements

The Elite Performance Recipe Book


E-Book (Monthly Subscription)


Every month you will recieve a brand new Elite Performance Recipe Book, which will contain 30 quick, tasty and healthy recipe's. 


Each recipe has it's own calorie and macronutrient breakdown, It also has it's own barcode so that you can scan the recipe into MyFitnessPal, making it quick and easy to track your chosen meal(s). 


If you wish to no longer recieve the recipe books, you can cancel your subscription at any given time. 

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